Passed through the generations

Bay Motel and Family Restaurant began in 1956, offering 18 guest rooms. In March of 1958 an expansion added 16 more rooms plus a restaurant that was originally called the Bay Grill. The Bay's location is part of the original owner, Joseph Loch's farm which was located along Military Road. The building of the motel and restaurant coincided with the road being upgraded to a 2 lane state highway called Highway 41. In 1966 the motel added 23 more guest rooms. In 1972, Mal Loch, the son of Joseph Loch purchased his fathers estate. 1973 brought a major expansion to the Bay Grill increasing the seating from 50 to 250 guests and renaming it the Bay Family Restaurant. In 1996 Dan and Sue Burich, Dan being the grandson of Joseph Loch, purchased The Bay Motel & Family Restaurant. Dan was a life long employee of the operation. In July of 2022, Dan and Sue retired and sold the business to longtime employee Josh Olejniczak who continues to manage the property today.


Our long running traditions run deep in both our Motel & Restaurant


Celebrating 60 years of business in Green Bay, Wisconsin


Our dining area hold up to 250 customers and you will feel right at home with our homestyle cooking and our original recipes.